Monday, September 29, 2008


Lyle and his friends Rob and BJ just barely got back from Quebec after a week of hunting caribou. Successfully they all came home in one piece and with 2 caribou each. They all had alot of fun and had a great experience with most of it. Supposedly it wasn't that great of a year to go caribou hunting because their is always 2 migrating herds that come together every year but for some reason this year one of the herds never crossed the river and met up with the other herd which left 200,000 less caribou this year then in years before. Luckily for them they were all able to tag out unlike alot of the other hunters that went up there. One of the groups had 20 tags and were only able to get 5 bulls and 1 cow.

They hiked 4 miles from camp and saw this herd migrating, 3 guys 6 bulls down within 2-3 hours.

Because they were so far away from camp it took them 3 days to pack all of the meat back. It's a good thing that they got them within the first few days they were there.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

YEA!!! Here we are riding at Mater at the fair. I am a big fan of the fair and Lyle doesn't like it so much but he puts up with it once every year for me.
One morning I got left elk hunting so when I finally decided to get my lazy butt up out of bed Hunter took me up the mountain and called for me. I was a little hesitant about him calling but when he did, he did an excellent job better then I could have done. Unfortunately we didn't see anything that half and hour we sat but he had fun and that was all that counted.

I think she did actually get to taste a little bit of that ice cream!

Rylee is such a little cheeseball. Whenever she sees a camera she is smiling and posing like crazy.
Here is Hunter and his cast again, he was finally able to get it off and oh my gosh that was disgusting, dead skin everywhere and Hunter would not leave it alone. He would sit there and pick at it whenever he had to sit down for two seconds, in the car, at the dinner table, everywhere! He had to wear a wrap for a week after he got the cast off and then after the wrap he couldn't play rough or anything for 10 more days. I don't think the orthopedic surgeon has kids cause if he did he would realize how ridiculous of a statement that was. Has he ever tried to get a 3 yr old boy to not play rough for a day let alone 10 days!!! ha ha!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Here it is, hunters fabulous cast.

So how it happened nobody really knows if you ask hunter he will tell you that he was trying to do some jumps on his bike but who knows. Lyle and I were right there and trying to get him to come home, we turn around to head home and all of sudden we hear this horrible screaming (a scream that has never come out of hunters mouth before) we turn around and hunter and his bike had fallen over onto the GRASS, so we comfort him thinking no big deal he just hit it funny. We take him inside and try to get him to relax, wondering if he'd relax then he would stop crying and realize that it was no big deal. Well that screaming went on for 20 min. finally we realize that he didn't just hit it funny and something was really wrong. Then we saw it starting to swell up. Hunter went into community care and that's when they tell us it was broken and he had to go see a orthopedic surgeon. When the Ortho was finally able to squeeze us in we find out that he has to have it pinned and he has to have the cast on for 4-6 weeks. Well it is finally the 6th week and hunter will go in on thur. to get the pins out but he'll still have to wear a soft cast for another week. He has really been a trooper and the cast has not slowed him down one bit. I think he actually likes it because i swear he is trying to break his other arm. Next week he will finally be able to go swimming, ride his bike, TAKE A BATH and do all of the other stuff he has been wanting to do for summer.

Archery season started on Aug. 15th for antelope!

Here is my antelope that I got on Aug. 16th with my bow.

Here is Lyle's antelope that he got on Aug 23rd with his bow.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


This right here is a miracle. This is Rylee and our friend Rob and if you know Rylee she is very shy and isn't real sure about men she usually never lets any man hold her. I was sure she was sick and wasn't feeling well but when I checked to see if she had a fever or anything she felt fine.
Rylee and Brin at Stanley lake.
Hunter and his "girlfriend" Aspen. If you were wondering whats wrong with his eye, he got bit my a misquito and his eye was pretty much swollen shut.
Hunter loves shooting his bow, he will go outside sometimes by himself and shoot for hours and hours. There was one day he shot by himself for 4 hrs. we finally had to go somewhere and had to tell him it was time to put is up, we had to take it from him kicking and screaming. Last year (when he was 2) at this state archery competition, he competed in the kids division from 0-6 yr olds and tied for 3rd. This year in the same division he got 4th. He doesn't care what place he gets though I don't even think that he really understands whats going on I know it what he loves though.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh my gosh, I can't believe that summer is almost over. Sorry I haven't been keeping up on our blog but our July has been so crazy. If were not gone camping or having family reunions we're in the hospital having surgeries on broken arms (hunters). Anyway here are a few pictures of our July and I'll post more here in a little bit.

Best buddies Brinlee and Rylee

Hope everyones summers are going great!